Capcut Vs Kinemaster Which One Is Better For Video Editing

Do you need clarification about which Video editor is best for you? Don’t worry I will compare all about Capcut Vs Kinemaster in this article and suggest the best video editor. Before the best video editor, we will compare the video effects, user interface, and pricing of both video editors, and at the end of this article I will share my experience of video editing with both video editors so let’s deep dive and compare both video editors.

Capcut vs Kinemaster


capcut vs kinemaster

Capcut Pro is the most trending video editor at this time and this is the latest application. You can use unlimited transitions and effects in this video editor. If you are an iPhone user then no worry because Capcut is available on both versions iOS, and Android, and is also available for Windows. Capcut also provides trimming and splitting which helps you remove unwanted parts of the video.

Released Date10 April 2020
CategoryVideo & Photo Editing


Kinemaster is a good video editor and this was most popular before the Capcut after this Kinemaster users left this video editor but some people are using Kinemaste video editor you can use this app on both versions of iOS and Android but can’t use it on Windows. Kinemaster offers multiple video editing tools and you can edit High Quality videos to this video editor.

Capcut vs kinemaster
DeveloperLim Il-Taek
Released Date26 Dec 2013
CategoryVideo & Photo Editing

Capcut User Interface

Capcut user interface

If you are using first time this video then no problem because the Capcut interface is user friendly and all tools are available on the front of the screen just you need to click any tool if you want to add sound music then simply click on the music and after click all music sound open just you need to add this.

Kinemaster User Interface

The Kinemaster interface is very simple and easy to use for new users and you can easily access all tools like chroma key, Trimming, splitting, and more features.

Kinemaster user interface

Capcut Effects & Transitions

Capcut effects

Effects and transitions are very important parts of video editing if you use attractive effects then 90% of your users watch your video completely but if don’t use attractive effects, your audience not be attracted to your video. Capcut provides unlimited effects and transitions like Text Effects, Slow-mo Effects, Sound Effects, Voice Changers, and more effects you can use in your videos.

Kinemaster Effects & Transitions

Kinemaster provides multiple effects that you can on to your videos and create attractive videos and you know that effects are the backbone of video content when you use effects most chances your video engagement will increase.

kinemaster vs capcut

CapCut Pricing

capcut pricing

Capcut is a free video editor application and you can download it from the Google and App Store you use a wide range of effects and transitions in the free version. Capcut does not charge any fee upfront but some effects and the latest features are premium If you want to unlock premium features then you need to buy a monthly or yearly plan monthly plan costs 7.99$ and the yearly plan costs 79$ but you can use these all premium features in the mod version of the Capcut just click on the link and download mod APK.

Kinemaster Pricing

Kinemaster is also a free editor like Capcut but some premium features are locked if you want to use all premium features then you can buy a plan monthly plan costs 3.99$ and the yearly plan costs 39$.

kinemaster pricing

Conclusion Of Capcut Vs Kinemaster

I have researched about Capcut vs Kinemaster both video editors are good and these are very trending applications. If you are a new user then I recommend you download Capcut video editor because you can use multiple video editing tools and also use AI video editing features.

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