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Every creator wants their video to go viral on the internet, but some creators need to learn how to do so. Don’t worry now. You do not need to learn about it because at this time Capcut Habibi Template is very helpful for you. and in this template. You just need to add your photos or videos and click on save. 

Additional Information Of Habibi Capcut Template

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What Is The Capcut Habibi Template?

When you want to edit your videos quickly, you need a template to help you create your videos with just one click. CapCut Habibi templates are pre-designed and fully customized video templates. The meaning of Habibi is My Love. It is Arabic words. These templates are created with the most trending Arabic song, Text, filters, and transitions.

CapCut Habibi templates are popular on social media sites like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. When you download CapCut Mod APK, you can use multiple templates in the Video library. You know that millions on social media have viewed this template.

Habibi Capcut Template

Features Of Habibi Template

Friendly Interface

Habibi templates interface is very friendly. If you do not know about editing, don’t worry. You can easily edit it and customize it according to your needs. This template is designed for you. Now, you don’t need to add any text or filters. Just add your photos.

Easy To Customized Text, Fonts And Colors

Good text fonts are very important for creating attractive videos or shorts. When you are editing videos, it is very difficult to determine which text fonts you select. But in these templates are pre-add attractive text fonts. 

Classical Transitions

Transitions are the most important part of your editing. When we add transitions then, our video looks attractive. CapCut Habibi Template beauty is its transitions because it allows us to add 2 different clips.


You have a timeline section in every video editing tool when you edit videos. You can add your video parts, transitions, text layout, filters, etc. Here, you have a simple timeline for editing. If you want to exchange any section, like keyframe movement, you can easily edit it.

Speed Optimized

It is also a more friendly feature. If you are creating a long process clip like a rainy or sunset scene, you can optimize clip speed to your preference here. You can easily set the speed fast or slow in this template.

How To Use Capcut Habibi Template

Step 1: If you do not have CapCut mod APK, you can easily download it from our site.

Step 2: Open your Chrome browser. Search CapCut Habibi templates or click on the Download link button.

Step 3: After downloading it, you will be redirected to your app as you click on it.

Step 4: Now, you can add photos or videos, and here, you can edit all trending video clips.

Step 5: After that, you need to save or export this clip.

Step 6: After all the editing, you just need to export this template to your gallery. Simply click on the Export button, then it will export.

Final Step: Now, you can share this template on your social accounts and enjoy engagements. You can also use these templates in Capcut old versions.

Users+1 Million
Users+1 Million


We provide you with many CapCut Habibi templates. Now, you need to just click on any template download button and download it. If you want to download more trending templates,, you may visit our site and download them. We have already provided CapCut Mod APK unlimited and Unique features. You may also download it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is free. You just need to download on Google and these templates according to your preference.

Yes, you can use it on your iOS. Just download CapCut and then click on the download button of this template. After clicking, you will redirected to your CapCut.

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