How To Download Capcut In India | Android & iOS | 2024

You know that CapCut is officially banned in India. When you want to download CapCut Pro Mod APK, you can face this issue because it is unavailable on the Play Store. CapCut is the most effective tool for video editing. You can create valuable and attractive video content with the help of CapCut. I know you are searching on Google for How to download CapCut in India.”  

Let’s dive deep and explore all methods of downloading CapCut in India. 

How to download capcut in india 2024 guidelines

Why Capcut Is Banned In India?

When the Indian government banned the CapCut in India, it did not provide specific reasons. Some of the reasons, but the main reasons for banning CapCut in India are security and privacy. According to the Indian government, all Chinese applications are not secure for the Indian people.

CapCut Developer is BytenDance, and It is a Chinese company. You know that BytenDance is also the developer of TikTok. Indian (Informational Technology Ministry) blocked many applications in 2022. They said that the Chinese collect data on Indian people through TikTok.

Capcut User’s Reaction In India

CapCut has taken a high rating and excellent reviews on the Play Store and App Store. After CapCut was banned in India, many users faced problems, and they searched for How to download CapCut in India.

Some of the main editing features are available on the CapCut. For this reason, CapCut attracts all video editors in the world. By the way, many other applications are available on the Play Store, Like VN video editor, kinemaster video editor, and more. But the CapCut app Is the only one that can provide us with all the premium features.

How To Download Capcut In India

You have 2 ways to download CapCut.

The first way is to download CapCut on your mobile. You need a VPN that can help you change your location, and after changing your country location, you can easily download the CapCut application on your mobile.

The second way is If you want to use all the latest features of the CapCut, you can easily download the CapCut mod APK from our site. This CapCut mod APK is the latest and is fully secure, but you need a good VPN to download CapCut. 

Recommended VPN

You know you can only download the CapCut with a VPN. If you download a VPN, ensure that which VPN you are downloading on your mobile is secure or not. Because Many VPNs are not secure. Don’t worry if you don’t know which VPN is best for you I will share my experience with you.

There are 3 best VPNs that I recommend.

  • Surfshark
  • Nord
  • IP Varnish

These VPNs are better than many VPNs. You can easily download these from the Google PlayStore. Simply go to the PlayStore and type and install it on your mobile.

After that, open the VPN, change your country location, and select the United States. Then, if you want to CapCut mod APK, search on Google and download, but if you want to download the official CapCut, Go to the PlayStore, And you can easily download it.


It is an informative article for you because, in this article, I guide you on how to download CapCut in India. If you download Capcut Mod APK you use all premium features, Like Background Remove, Text Animations, Chroma Key, etc. If you are confused about the CapCut, you can send your question on our “contact us page”, and we will answer you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can download CapCut mod on your iPhone in India, but you need Nord VPN to help you download CapCut. You can also download it officially from the Apple store.

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